Fabric Backdrops

Fabric backdrops consist of a single layer of fabric. They are most commonly rented in 10' wide sections; however the slider (what holds the fabric) adjusts between 6 and 10 feet. There are many fabric options to choose from, including satin, Nova textures, and voile (sheer fabric, similar to organza but less stiff). All fabrics come in 8', 10', and 12' high.

Sheer Fabric Backdrop

Double Layer Backdrops

Double layer backdrops consist of a single layer fabric backdrop with another layer of fabric in front, tied off to the sides. The most common way this is created is with a satin or textured fabric in back, with voile in front. To tie the fron layer of fabric off to the side, use chair ties or diamond cuffs.

Double Layer Princess

Pillar Backdrops

Pillar backdrops are created with iron pillars containing tulle and lights. A 2-pillar backdrop is the same as a fabric backdrop, except with a pillar on each end of the backdrop. All fabrics available for a fabric backdrop are compatible with this backdrop. A 3-pillar backdrop has a pyramid shape, created with one tall pillar, and two shorter pillars. A single sheer will create a backdrop 10'-16' wide. A 4-pillar backdrop consists of two taller pillars and two shorter pillars. With a single sheer, you will create a backdrop 10'-16' wide. A 5 pillar backdrop consists of one tall pillar, two medium pillars, and two short pillars. This backdrop is recommended for a larger head table. Additional sheers are available if you require a larger backdrop. Sheer fabric is available in white or ivory. Each sheer is 23' long. Keep in mind that you will not be able to have a 23' wide backdrop with one sheer, as you must allow extra fabric for draping. For added effect, rent floral balls and place them on top of the pillars.

  4 Pillar Backdrop  4 - Pillar Backdrop

Ceremony Backdrops

All backdrops can be used for ceremonies as well. A popular option for ceremonies is a wedding canopy (also called a chuppah or mandap). This whimsical style is created with billowy fabric, perfect for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. Price varies, depending on the style of canopy. A canopy with the top and back covered is about $400. A canopy with top open and all four sides open is about $360.

Wedding Canopy

Custom Backdrops

If you have a certain style of backdrop in mind, we are able to create virtually anything. Please inquire about pricing.

Unique Backdrop

Backdrop Accessories

Add a little something special to your backdrop with our accessories. Curtain lights have a very romantic aura, and can be used with any backdrop with voile fabric. Curtain beads are guaranteed to make your backdrop look like a million bucks. These are available in both 6' strands and 12' strands. Turn voile fabric into any shade with wall washers. These spotlights can be set to any specific color, or can be set to rotate through colors.

Curtain Lights  Curtain Beads

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